Emotional Intelligence and Leadership for Teachers and Students

23 Jun

There are many things that tend to affect us as human beings. This may vary from things like infections to small matters that cause us to have breakdowns whenever we are affected by them. But there is also one other thing that when one is affected by it, it takes a lot of time before the person affected is back to their normal self. This is to do with our emotions. Emotions of a person are very sensitive in the way that they can lead a person to suicide or other things that they were not thinking of doing previously. There have been reported cases of people ending their own lives just because maybe they were in a relationship and suddenly found out that the lover was cheating on him or her. This makes the case of emotional breakdown to be a serious matter that should not be taken lightly.

Emotional intelligence also known as emotional quotient is referred to as the ability of a person to realize their own emotions and that of others and still be able to use their emotions in the right way to either adjust or adapt to the now environment that they are currently at. This will help them to be in a right position to achieve the targets that they had set to attain. Being emotionally stable is then considered as a good sign to the body and most importantly, to the state of mind of a person. Learn more on how to be happy in life here.

It has been proven that those people who are emotionally comfortable or in other words, they have a high emotional intelligence, EI, tend to be good performers in anything that they do and also, they have good leadership skill above everything else. It is from this point where by the teachers at schools tend to use as a way of appointing the students to become a student leader. The board of directors in schools also use this as mechanism and elimination method to select a teacher to head a department in school. Visit this website https://www.britannica.com/topic/elementary-education about education.

Even though the students whom are selected are said to be of good state of mind, they are taken through a student leadership program at https://www.behappyinlife.com/professional-development-for-teachers/ that helps them to know the way in which they will govern the other students to the right direction. For both the teachers and the students, leadership skill training is an important art of work that they should be taken through before they are fully let to run the activities of the offices in which they have been appointed to govern.

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